Island life in winter

Most of you when thinking of sea or island in Dalmatia assotiate it with summer, hot nights, coctails and beaches full of people sunbathing and swimming.
However there are some things and certain lifestyle that you can only experience in winter time on island in Dalmatian shore. In this blog we will choose Hvar, to show you best of it in winter.

Family and friends time

Winter in Hvar is best time and place to spend it with family, expecially if you have small children. There in no safety risk of no kind in Hvar, kids can be kids… and just go and play outside with other kids since town Hvar is very safe. There are always other parents and friends that will be there and watch our every child. You will also easily make new friends, since Hvar is small town and everybody knows everybody. Children can go alone to scool and back, they will enjoy thier freedom and safety as much as their parents.

In Hvar you will find that is very convidient for meeting and making plans with friends. Here there is no need for special appointments just to go and drink coffee, most of time if you go alone outside you will encounter many of friends without even planning.


Island life in winter and traffic are two very different terms. Sometimes lack of traffic is downfall of winter living on island however mostly it is very positive side od island life. In Hvar there isn’t any traffic jam or traffic noise, and you can get around even without a car. Downfall is in situations where you need to have your car since taxi is very expensive and public transportation is very rare.

Hiking, sailing and spending time in nature

Winter in Hvar is very mild and mosltly very sunny, and that is what makes it the best time to spent it outdoors. It isn’t too hot or too cold in most of days so you can go hiking or even sailing, or any other activity outside. One of best thing to experience in Hvar is harvest… you can choose to go to harvest lavander, or to pick olives, however what ever you choose you will definently have great time and while doing something good you will be able to make new friends and to learn something different.

What ever your reasons could be these are my number three why island life in winter is the best 😊

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