Dubovica beach

The most beautiful beach on Hvar

The most frequent question that we are asked in the hotel is which beach we recommend in Hvar. So without any doubt, we always recommend Dubovica and every guest that visits it returns with a very positive experience. In this blog, we will write about that beautiful beach.

8 km east of the town of Hvar on the south coast of the island of Hvar is the picturesque bay of Dubovica, a famous Hvar resort with a spacious pebble beach and an interesting seabed. Known for its long country tradition, it offers a vacation away from the noise of the city with a view of the country house of the Kasandrić family from 18/19. When visiting Dubovica, you can enjoy the offer of the restaurant located next to the beach. Dubovica can be reached by boat from the port of Hvar or by car.


When you go down the macadam to the bay, you come across the preserved church of St. Stjepana, which was built at the beginning of the 17th century by the Hvar canon don Andrija Bartučević, in which masses in the Croatian language were once held for the surrounding inhabitants. Luxurious Dubovica with a fairytale beach is one of the most beautiful destinations on the island of Hvar, and its well-preserved country architecture makes the ambiance of this bay unique. The whole bay has recently been under special cultural protection.

The electricity introduced in the bay in the mid-1990s enabled the only restaurant and beach bar in the bay to offer guests drinks such as their favorite espresso coffee.
Now that you are familiar with this beautiful beach, the only thing left is to come and enjoy Hvar 🙂