How to become a volunteer on Hvar island

Without a doubt, Hvar island is one of those places that is worth seeing and which can offer a lot to even the most demanding of you. Breathtaking landscape, crystal clear sea, sun (a lot of sun), delicious food, open people, fantastic atmosphere – these are just some of the factors that encourage people to come and visit Hvar island. What if we would like to stay on the island a little bit longer and cannot afford a longer stay? Or if we would like to help someone, gather new experiences, learn about the local culture, language and customs? Volunteer programs go with help.


Is it complicated to become a volunteer on Hvar island?

Becoming a volunteer on Hvar island may sound complicated, but in reality it’s very simple. Why? There are a lot of places where people are looking for some helping hands especially during the high season, but also before the season begins or when the season ends.

All you have to do is to create an account on one of the volunteer sites ( or, write something about you, your hobbies, maybe add some pictures of you and look for perfect volunteer opportunities for you. After that, the only thing you have to do is to contact the person, which is looking for volunteers, and let him/her know why you are a suitable candidate.

On both websites you will find information about the volunteering period, the place you will be a volunteer, and the tasks you must deal with when you decide to be a volunteer. You will also find information about hosts and payments because some of volunteering locations offer extra payment for some extra work. You have a wide range of possibilities, from working in a hostel or restaurant, to gardening or construction work, to harvesting grapes and olives, producing wine or olive oil. These two websites are very easy-to-use, clear and intuitive, so you’ll have no problem with operating your profile on these sites.


What have l learned through volunteering on Hvar island?

Because that’s how I started my adventure on Hvar island (I came as a volunteer in September 2019), I can tell you more about volunteering here on Hvar island from my own experience and perspective.

First, I can’t count how much I’ve learned through volunteering and how many extraordinary people I’ve met. Volunteering on the Hvar island enabled me to learn about Croatian culture. Now I know how “pomalo pomalo” works and I started to live this way too.

Secondly, volunteering has shown me that you can work harder than before and be happier and more satisfied. I could experience on my own that people really are working here hard, especially during the season, so I had respect for every job, and I wasn’t afraid of any work either.

Thirdly, volunteering gives you the opportunity to get to know a country, its people, its cuisine, taste dishes, vegetables, fruits that you won’t eat anywhere else, see plants that may not be in your home country.


To sum up, I came to Hvar’s island for a week’s volunteer work and I’ve stayed until today. I fell in love with the landscape and people here so much that I decided to stay longer. I recommend volunteering to everyone because it shows you how to see the world in a different way, broadens horizons, and opens you to new things and new people.