How to get to Hvar

Many tourists have problems finding the right way how to get to Hvar. When I write right way, I mean the right way for them, it depends on whether they are coming by car or not. So here I will make a little guide of all possible ways how to get to Hvar. Let’s start.

To make it as simple as possible we will divide it in two categories:

Arriving by car

If you are going to spend your holidays in Hvar by car there are two ways how to get to Hvar town. The first one is from Split Harbor. From there you can take the ferry to Stari Grad, Hvar and from there, you drive to Hvar town. Ferry sailing takes 1 hour and 40 minutes and then from Stari Grad to Hvar town 20 minutes driving by car. Ferries sail 3 times a day in winter, and in summer season up to six times. For passengers without car there is no seat limitation however for those traveling by car in the summer season can be crowded.

There is also a possibility to go to Drvenik (near Makarska) and take the ferry to Sućuraj. The ferry sail is only 30 minutes however since Sućuraj is on the opposite side of Hvar town you have 2 hours car drive. The bright side is if you are coming during the day you can see the whole island of Hvar in one drive 😊


Passengers only

If you are arriving in Hvar without a car there are more options for transportation. Firstly, you can use public and private transportation.

Private transportation includes high-speed boats that can take you from your location to your destination no matter where you are, however, it will cost you much more than public transportation, and also it is faster but more uncomfortable since it is open speed boat.

Public transportation can be divided depending on where you are located and where you want to go. Directly to Hvar town, you can go from Split Harbor and these catamaran lines in season sail very often. If you are going to Jelsa on Hvar you can also take a catamaran from Split Harbor or even a catamaran from Makarska. Also, in high season there is a catamaran from Dubrovnik to Hvar and reverse. The duration is three hours but it saves lots of time. Catamarans from Split or Makarska take one hour of sailing. Also, there are two options to reach Hvar from Brač island.