Hvar kayaking tours

Want to visit numerous secluded bays and beaches, natural jewels, enjoy the unspoiled scenery and crystal blue waters?

Then join us on our Hvar kayaking tours from Hvar town to Pakleni islands or sea kayaking along the beautiful coast of Hvar.

Ideally for a group of friends, families, youth and all eager for beautiful nature and adventure.


Hvar kayaking tour sets off in the town of Hvar and goes through narrow straits and along islands and islets of the Pakleni islands revealing small hidden pebble beaches where you can enjoy the privilege of having, at least temporarily, a beach to yourself, where you can swim, snorkel and relax.

All information is available at the front office of Pharia Hotel where our friendly staff will gladly help you with all your queries.

See below different types of tour you can book through us!


Morning tour

Explore the variety of the Pakleni Islands, the string of islands in front of Hvar, where you will find many idyllic bays with pine trees.


Afternoon tour

Explore the variety of the Pakleni Islands with our afternoon tour, where you will find many idyllic bays with pine trees providing cool shade.


Sunset tour

Experience the Adriatic sea at it’s finest hours. The best time for paddling on the open sea is the late afternoon, a few hours before the sunset.