Hvar Fortress

Hvar Fortress “Fortica”, or as it is called by local residences, Španjola, Spanish fortress Hvar is an unavoidable place to visit in Hvar. Fortica is also the most recognized symbol of the town of Hvar. It was built at the beginning of the 16th century and was rebuilt in 1579.

The foundations of the Hvar fortress lie on an ancient fortification from the first half of the first millennium BC, to later build Byzantine forts in the 6th century. The beginning of today’s fortress began in 1282 under the Venetian government and construction took a long time, often funded by the sale of salt.

The fort was a military and construction complex, built in a complex architectural matrix due to irregular terrain. It consisted of four towers, revelines, battlements, a loophole, a gunpowder building, one large and one smaller water tank, a crew room, a jail and a chapel.


Today, within the fort, there is a cafe bar, a souvenir shop and a collection of amphorae and other exhibits from antiquity and the Middle Ages.

As well as enchanting you with its historical architecture, you will also experience an unforgettable view of the town of Hvar and the Pakleni islands.

The fort can also be reached by car and on foot from the city center of Hvar. We recommend going on foot for a pleasant walk through the city and among the indigenous nature of Hvar when climbing the fort.